Wild Oak Inventory

Wedding Furniture Rentals

Dining Tables & Seating

  • Wood Dining Table (15) $90

    Hand built & stained classic French tables with turned legs and thick wood tops. Seats 10. (110”L x 39”W x 30”H)

  • Pedestal Sweetheart Table $90

    Two large black pedestals support thick wood top that matches our dining tables. (62”L x 39”W x 28”H)

  • Garden Chair (300) $6

    Classic garden bistro chairs. (15” x 18” x 31”)

Bars & Cocktail Tables

  • White Wood $150

    Wainscot sides with thick wood top and lots of space for supplies underneath. (54”L x 27”D x 38”T)

Sofas & Lounge Settings


  • Gold Velvet Victorian $300

    Soft, gold velvet Victorian sofa that makes for fabulous photos. (87”L x 33”D x 35”H)

  • Grey Settee $200

    Just a little bit of drama from the buttery soft velvet, works well as Bride and Groom seat. (46”L x 30”D x 33”H)

  • White Victorian Settee $200

    Goes well with our sweetheart table for beautiful first pics eating together as Mr. and Mrs. (45”L x 26”D x 37”H)

  • Tan Tufted Loveseat $200

    Versatile piece that can play both the supporting and star roles in any lounge setting. (60”L x 38”D x 28”H)

  • Rose Channel Sofa $200

    Elegant pre-Civil war piece just made for pictures with dresses and flowers. (68”L x 29”D x 37”H)


  • White Equipale (2) $125/pair

    Classic, both stately and relaxed. (35” x 31”)

  • White Victorian Wingback $40

    Easy piece to give any lounge setting a luxurious touch. (26” x 24” x 37”)

  • Hooded Rattan (2) $300/pair

    Elegant and boho all at the same time. Create a beautiful vinette for the bride and groom. (28” x 29” x 58”)

  • Blue Equipale $60

    Extra wide seat and blue mudcloth covering. (29” x 28” x 28”)

  • Winged Armchair (2) $200/pair

    Large, deep seated, stately pieces. Accent, foundational, or Bride and Groom chairs. (34” x 34” x 45”)

Side & Coffee Tables

  • Rattan Side Table $40

    Round lightweight piece, perfect for personal accessories. (20” x 20” x 20”)

  • Dark Oval Side Table $40

    Those legs! Can serve a multitude of purposes. (39” x 30” x 27”)

  • Green Wood Side Table $40

    Small round accent table. (18” x 18” x 21”)

Accessories & Rugs


  • Etagere $60

    Gold metal bamboo. Great for display, seating chart, dessert display. (62”T x 26”W x 13”D)

  • Paper Lantern Light $50

    When the lounge needs height for balance and to add a warm inviting glow. (64” tall)

  • Clear Umbrellas (8) $30/set

    For those romantic misty photos. (64” tall)

  • Blanket Basket Pair $60

    Keep your guests cozy with 20 fleece wool blankets in 2 rattan baskets.

  • Glass Insulators $30/set

    Can be used as paper or tablecloth weights, placed over LED lights.

  • Round Floor Pillow $20

    Black and White with Fringe. (36")

  • Copper Sign Hanger (2) $25

    Direct your guests with easy to place signs (no staking necessary). (42”T x 24”W)

  • Copper Garment Rack $60

    Copper rack can be used for dresses, seating chart, or as a sign. (76”T x 36”W)


  • Wool Jute Rug w/White Fringe $75

    Thick chunky texture piece. (6’ x 9’)

  • White and Gray $60

    Off white and gray muted design, short pile. (5’ x 8’)

  • Charcoal / Cream Trellis $40

    Works well for layering, over extension cords, around bars. (4’ x 6’)

Lighting, Heating & Shade

  • Propane Heaters (6) $75

    To keep guests cozy, sometimes just necessary for Grandma’s table, full 20# tank included.

  • White Market Umbrella (6) $50

    A cluster of white umbrellas take an outdoor party to a whole new level.